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Fortress Technology

Checkweigher targets operational inefficiencies
Raptor Checkweigher delivers premium inspection and weight checks at a competitive price point. The checkweigher targets operational inefficiencies, including upstream product giveaway, non-conforming food packs and packaging waste. Easily integrated with existing metal detection equipment, Raptor delivers dynamic weight monitoring with minimal customizations to existing product feed and packing lines. The Raptor introduces high-end weighing algorithms, driving down expensive overfilling. Providing the most accurate high speed results in line with multiple global weighing legislative requirements, the in-motion, three-belt checkweigher captures thousands of sample readings of individual packs every second. By digitizing the checkweighing process, manufacturers can rapidly achieve productivity gains and save cost in product giveaway. The checkweigher can operate as a standalone unit or for maximum efficiency.
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Versatile dust collector
The Senturion has a modular design and advanced filter technology with the smallest footprint per CFM in the industry. It is adaptable for bulk material handling, silo filling, milling, batch mixing, blending and packaging. Senturion is built using 2- and 4-cartridge frames, which can be put together in different configurations. This approach allows the dust collector to be sized precisely for the application, from an individual grain silo, batch mixer or packaging line to an entire facility. Mix-and-match intakes, hoppers, fire and explosion safety options and after-filters provide numerous opportunities for customization. The unit can be equipped with HEPA or activated carbon after-filters to meet cleanroom-level requirements for food packaging applications. Senturion was designed for easy maintenance, with filters and dust bins easily accessible.


Mobile bulk bag discharger
The Mobile Bulk Bag Discharger with Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor offers dust-free discharging of bulk solid materials and conveying to downstream process equipment or storage vessels throughout the plant. The BULK-OUT® BFF Series discharger has four adjustable extension posts to accommodate bags 36-84 in. tall. The removable bag-lifting frame allows bulk bags to be attached at ground level, and then forklifted into receiving cups on the discharger frame. A clamp ring atop a pneumatically actuated telescoping tube secures the clean side of the spout to the clean side of the equipment, and exerts tension on the bag as it empties and elongates, promoting flow and evacuation. A vent port with filter sock contains dust. The flexible screw is the only moving part contacting material.
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Powder Process-Solutions

Sanitary bulk bag unloader
This sanitary bulk bag unloader provides a safe, efficient and dust-free system for unloading chocolate milk powders. Design features inflatable spout to seal the bag spout inward against the unloader spout, preventing foreign material from entering the product stream. Only the inside of bag liner contacts the chocolate powders being processed. As the bag is emptied, system retracts the liner to prevent the spout from collapsing. The system keeps the spout under tension to ensure an empty bag. Surface construction is 316 stainless steel. The unloader includes bag closure cinch bars that completely seal off bag spout to allow untying and retying; bag transport with electric chain hoist and I-beam.
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Conveyor provides better zone control
Edge Roller Technology (ERT®250) precision edge roller pallet and tray handling conveyors were designed to handle zone functionality. Creating zones along a conveyor is an important feature for applications where product accumulates before moving on to a downstream action, or for assembly applications where product moves from one stage to the next. Primarily, zones are important as they prevent pallets from bumping into each other during movement, which can disturb product orientation or even damage more delicate products. The solution is to create no-contact zones along the conveyor. These zones offer precision traffic control of product through zone roller technology that’s powered by a patented linear gearbox drive system. Creating zones is accomplished by simply removing a lower gear to locate a split between zones. Each zone acts independently of other zones and is powered by a brushless DC gearmotor. The ERT250 uses rollers to move pallet conveyors smoothly with no friction (a byproduct often seen in belt-driven platforms). The ERT250 uses pallet sensors and control logic to determine when a pallet is free to move forward, or if a pallet is stopped downstream. If a pallet is required to stop, it will stop in the next zone. Motors operate only when pallets advance forward or reverse. Multiple zones can be created on a single conveyor.

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Hygienic bulk material feeder for sanitary processing
Feedos® S bulk material feeding system features a hygienic design as standard. Developed for safe installation in food, nutrition, pharmaceutical and other sanitary processes, Feedos S features 316L stainless steel in product contact areas polished to an extremely fine surface finish as smooth as Ra <0.8 µm set in a configuration that allows both the feeding tool and feeding chamber to be safely accessed and quickly disassembled for cleaning. Time and labor required for cleaning and product changeover are reduced while the potential for cross-contamination is virtually eliminated. Suitable for highly accurate, volumetric feeding and dosing of flow-resistant and free-flowing powders, granules, flakes and more, the feeder includes hygienic seals and tri-clamps rather than screwed joints for connection. The Feedos S feeder offers a choice of dosing tools, hopper sizes and connections to accommodate nearly any process or installation.
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Mettler Toledo

Checkweigher for washdown conditions
The C35 Checkweigher was built for harsh environments and delivers precise weighing results on a stable weighing platform resistant to high-pressure washdown and most caustic detergents. The system frame is designed according to hygienic principles, with easy access for cleaning and sloped surfaces to discourage liquid collection. The system supports speeds of up to 250 PPM and a weighing range of 25 g to 7 kg. A wide range of optional conveyors and handling features, including guiderails to ensure smooth product handling, provides for the optimal transport of open products such as jars, trays and cans. The system is operated from a 7-inch multi-color, multilingual touchscreen HMI positioned in front of the conveyor for maximum accessibility and operator safety. Simple and easy to operate, with features and configurations for a broad range of applications, the C35 provides positive ROI through increased efficiency, lower production costs, and reliable service. It enables companies to Inspect 100 per cent of their product, segregate non-conforming packages and collect production data using one of two optional Weight Data Interfaces.
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Vibratory feeder dosing system
The Vibratory Feeder Dosing System automatically meters precise amounts of powders into mixers, reactors, dryers, coolers, hoppers, pneumatic vacuum conveying systems and other process equipment. Accurate to within 1 g depending on the material, the system features a proprietary pneumatic piston vibrator that sets the powder or other bulk material in a uniform layer across the dosing tray while gently advancing the material toward discharge in a first-in, first-out process. The potential for agglomeration is eliminated and particle integrity assured. Suitable for feeding food, nutrition, pharmaceutical and other powdered ingredients, the system is available in sanitary, standard, explosion-protected and custom designs.


Elevated conveyor conserves floor space
The series of powered mild-steel conveyors by Multi-Conveyor includes a unique gravity conveyor to transport tall plastic products. Products are robotically placed on a 5 ft. high dual-lane conveyor where they index through a product forming process then incline to a height of nearly 8 ft. The product proceeds at this elevation through two 90-degree turns with over 16 ft. of straight conveyance between the curves to an end stop. Enhanced support and quality construction properly secure elevated motor mounts while ensuring employee safety below. Elevated transport conveyors are commonly used to free up critical production floor space below. Up and over conveyors are often used to give operators and forklift traffic some headroom. For this, a pneumatic cross-pusher was implemented to gently transfer product onto a unique concept LBP-gravity slide, ideal for non-standard product contact surfaces, to easily decline for manual removal.
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Fluid Components International

Thermal flow meter for efficient batch operation
ST50 Series Air/Gas Flow Meter provides precise, reliable measurement of both air flow and natural gas to operate batch systems more efficiently while improving end-product quality and reducing energy costs. Industrial air blowers and dryers are used extensively in the production of foods, flavors, fillers, granules, powders and more. The installation of the flow meter in the process control loop for air blower and dryer systems provides accurate hot air flow rate monitoring. The use of mass flow meters ensures precise rate of flow measurement and totalized flow measurement for zone control and overall system operational efficiency. In addition, it can accurately measure and control and/or sub-meter natural gas flow to heaters and burners. Offering a wide flow range, the ST50 Flow Meter measures air, compressed air, natural gas or nitrogen from 0.75 to 400 SFPS (0.23 to 122 MPS) in line sizes from 2 to 24 inches. Flow meter accuracy is up to +1% of reading, +0.5% of full scale, with repeatability of +0.5% of reading.
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