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Inspection/X-ray equipment


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Spray pattern diagnostics
New measurement technology uses optical techniques to capture spray behavior at high speed (around 7,500 images per second). Made up of front and back radial lighting, camera and suction system hardware, the integrated software produces 30-second videos of spray movement for analysis, equivalent to 0.1 seconds in real time. The process provides detailed information on axial plume spray, including the particle distribution as well as the angle, diameter and length.
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Quality control system
Providing two critical functions in one compact frame, the company’s HC-A-V checkweigher is suitable for a range of packaged goods, including food and beverage items. The system adds high-resolution camera inspection to the checkweigher, which features a customer-specified high-tech Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weigh cell—designed for precise weighing results. The vision control system checks items from both above and below, resulting in cover film verification, sell-by date confirmation and 1D/2D barcode examination.
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Cognex Corporation

3D inspection system
In-Sight® 3D-L4000 embedded vision system combines patented speckle-free blue laser optics and the a range of true 3D vision tools with the flexibility of the In-Sight spreadsheet, which sets up and runs 3D applications without the need for programming or external processing. The all-in-one solution captures and processes images during inline inspection, guidance and gauging. It comes in three factory-calibrated fields of view and is ideal for applications across a range of industries including food and beverage.
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Eagle Product Inspection Inc.

Fat analysis/inspection equipment
The FA3 series of multifunctional X-ray machines is designed to provide highly accurate Chemical Lean (CL) and fat content for 100% throughput of meat. The systems use the latest third-generation refinement of Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology to achieve CL measurement to better than +/-1 accuracy. The machines find and remove contaminants like bones, glass, metal fragments, mineral stones, and some plastic and rubber compounds while conducting key integrity checks such as mass measurement and moisture and protein content.
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Twin extruder
The company’s xTru Twin extruders offer the flexibility to produce a range of products including: cereal-based snack pellets die-cut, 2D, 3D, multilayers, square shape, punched and direct expanded; breakfast cereals; dry pet food; and any other extruded food product. The latest xTru Twin 140 has a production capacity of more than 3 tons of pellets and 10 tons of pet food kibbles an hour. Other features include a high-speed pre-mixer for hydrating flour; a mixing vessel that facilitates water absorption, adhering to the requisite hygiene standards; a vertical forced feeding screw to control the dough’s movement into the cooking screw; and more.
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Spiroflow Systems Inc.

Totally enclosed conveyors
The company’s hygienic, totally enclosed Cableflow tubular cable drag conveyors offer clean-in-place (CIP) options including wiper discs, air knife purge units and brush boxes. These in-line hygienic features allow for regular, fast cleaning without tubular conveyor disassembly, which minimizes downtime while preventing contamination of the dry bulk foods and powders they process. These conveyors are designed to minimize product accumulation and contamination and can come with quick-release connectors to simplify dismantling of the cable and tubing for periodic deep cleanings.
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Charles Ross & Sons

Vertical vacuum dryers
Sanitary vertical blenders engineered for rapid homogenization and drying of delicate applications under vacuum. The design avoids the destructive effects of heat on unstable ingredients, and it promotes vaporization at lower temperatures during gentle agitation while preventing oxidation. Sanitary aspects of the machine, including the cantilevered screw without bottom support, eliminate dead zones and ensure 100% discharge. For cooling or heating needs, the cone wall features an ASME code stamped 100-psig dimpled jacket with mineral wool insulation and stainless steel sheathing. Washdown duty motors accommodate intensive facility cleaning protocols.
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Apex Motion Control

Automated tray management
The Baker-Bot is a collaborative robot that can integrate into an existing system to support tray-handling tasks for conveyors and racks alike. Applications include cookie production, bagel production, pizza production, and more. Baker-Bot features include collaborative, safe and versatile usage; reduction in repetitive strain on workers; dual racking; and increased productivity and consistency.

HRS Heat Exchangers

Direct steam injection
Directly injecting steam as a means of sterilizing and diluting liquid drink products is an established technique for beverages such as plant-based milk. Sterilizing using direct steam injection is the speed of the process, with sterilization temperatures of 212°F to 293°F reached in approximately 1 sec. For products such as plant milks, this rapid heating prevents cooking of the product and formation of caramel-type compounds, which can darken the product or produce unwanted flavors. Because water added during the process must be removed from the end product (usually achieved using flash evaporation), volatile aromatic compounds can be lost, which could have a negative impact on certain products such as fruit juices. Therefore, not all products will work with steam injection.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Salmonella testing
SureTect Salmonella Species PCR Assay receives approval by AOAC International (AOAC-OMA claim) for a range of foods and select environmental surfaces, including challenging, high-risk matrices and large sample sizes. The method was validated against the FDA-BAM, USDA-FSIS and ISO reference methods. The AOAC-OMA claim covers 32 matrices and includes challenging to test high-risk products from a range of foods and production environments, such as cocoa products and other low moisture foods, raw meats and poultry meats, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products and ready-to-eat foods. It is the first to offer a validated method for salmonella testing in large samples for multiple matrix types such as raw beef meats, produce, cocoa and chocolate.
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