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Pumps, valves and fittings


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Bee Valve Inc.

Schedule 80 pipe fittings
Fittings are made from glass-reinforced polypropylene, the lightest thermoplastic. It resists most acids and is a non-conductor of electricity. Available in sizes from 3/8 in. to 3 in. Fitting configurations include tees, elbows, crosses, nipples, bushings, couplings, caps and plugs. A line of hose, tube, pipe and nozzle fittings in a range of materials is also available.
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Alfa Laval

Pump for hygienic process
DuraCirc circumferential piston pump features a high-efficiency design, wide performance envelope and low-net positive suction head (NPSH) requirement. With flow rates up to 150 m3/h (660 gpm), the pump is capable of handling operating pressures up to 40 bar (580 psi), which is 15% higher than other circumferential piston pumps available today. Optional ports make it easy to replace existing pumps without having to adapt pipework. Also certified to meet EHEDG guidelines and 3-A sanitary standards, the pump ensures process integrity and product quality.
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Lockout / tagout locks for valves
The company has developed lockout/tagout (LoTo) locks for its hygienic valve technology range. Mechanical or pneumatic locks help plant operators protect their workforce from hazards in production. Units are subject to electrical, mechanical, chemical, hydraulic and pneumatic forces, while their components can cause serious injuries if not properly disconnected from energy sources. Each unit comprises a shut-off device that fixes the valve in the open or closed position, and an optional lock that only authorized individuals can open. The type of fixing varies depending on the type of valve; they are available for all nominal diameters and actuator sizes, and can be easily retrofitted. Butterfly valves can be shut off mechanically. The disk lock version uses a pin that is pushed into the valve stem.

Apex Motion Control

Heated pump
The company offers a heated pump that integrates into automation solutions such as their Deco-Bot all-in-one robotic decorating station. The heated pump uses a Waukesha lobe pump to output its product from the pump skid. It also has an inlet for product recirculation, which allows it to maintain product temperature while minimizing surges and splashes. Other features include a full washdown stainless steel design, 30-gal capacity, photo eye product level sensor to indicate when it needs to be refilled and a digital heat controller.

Charles Ross & Son Company

Vertical kneading and mixing
Double planetary mixer is suitable for high-precision mixing, granulation and vacuum drying, as well as applications that require enormous torque. High Viscosity “HV” blades work in tandem to knead and mix from a vertical orientation, augmented by large shafts and generous bearing spreads. The design includes a heavy-duty fabricated gearbox engineered for extreme stability and smooth planetary movement of the stirrers as they orbit a common axis. Shown are two 200-gal. Model DPM-200.
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Schenk Process

Parallel tunnel converter valve
The second generation of the PT45 valve has adjustable alignment stops located in the housing, position indication from the tunnel itself, additional actuation options and external tunnel position indication. A positive food-grade rubber silicone seal at each port is designed to help prevent contamination. Additional features include 45° port-to-port rotation, a 2-way switching capability for either dilute phase or dense phase conveying applications, cast iron or aluminum housing, tunnel, end plates with a 316 stainless steel actuator and arm assembly, and inlet and outlet ports flanged to mate 150# ANSI flange patterns.
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Smart flow sensor
The AVENTICS AF2 monitors volumetric airflow to detect packaging leaks in real-time, allowing for quicker response time and less waste. It is available in two variants: Ethernet, which interfaces to directly communicate over OPC, UA or MQTT without using any gateway in between, allowing it to connect to any network and send data to an already existing software system. And, the industrial version, which supports analog 4-20mA and IO-Link connectivity. All have integrated statistical, counter and logging capabilities and Color OLED displays with configurable graphs.

JBT Avure

Batch/bulk high-pressure processing
The FlexiBulk allows individually packaged products and food and beverage bulk products to be packaged simultaneously. The machine allows for filling HPP’d product in multiple container options (including cans and reusable bags, bottles and cartons), and offers fill speeds up to 55 gpm. Filling and unfilling is done outside the HPP press, which means bags can be filled in baskets, while other bags are being pressed and unfilled. These steps can all be done simultaneously, resulting in higher throughputs.
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Acrison Inc.

Volumetric feeders
Model 105 Series are available in three different models with feed ranges up to 220 cu ft/hr and feature all-steel heavy-duty construction for low maintenance requirements and long service life. Its double concentric auger metering mechanism gently conditions material to a uniform consistency while simultaneously filling the metering auger from a full 360° to ensure positive flow and feed while maintaining total control of product for unsurpassed levels of processing performance. Quick-disconnect feature and sanitary construction satisfy USDA and FDA requirements.
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Sulzer, Tamturbo

Oil-free compressed air
The two companies are developing technologies and offerings for oil-free compressed air. The HSR high-speed turbocompressor has variable-speed, direct-driven technology of the HSR turbocompressor delivers a wide turndown of flow from the gearless direct drive. Titanium impellers and magnetic bearings make the machine energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It can recover up to 93% of its generated heat, which can then be utilized in the industrial process. Benefits include no touching parts, no oil, direct gearless drive, active magnetic bearings, remote monitoring and more.
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