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The percentage of single young to mid-age urban consumers who purchased tequila and mezcal online as a gift. This is higher than the average 17.36% across all consumer groups.


The percentage of single suburbanites who purchase tequila and/or mezcal online using Thirstie-powered sites. Wealthy small families, who make up about 25% of sales, are next.


Source: Thirstie Data Intelligence, Tequila and Mezcal, September 2021.  Photo courtesy of Getty Images / Stockfotocz

Who is buying tequila and mezcal online?

According to a report compiled by Thirstie Data Intelligence, which analyzed purchasing patterns of 1,000+ consumers of legal drinking age who purchased tequila and/or mezcal across the U.S. through Thirstie-powered branded storefronts from August 2020 to August 2021, the typical online shopper might not be expected. Single young to mid-aged urbanites are a smaller share than both single young to mid-aged suburban and wealthy suburban small family consumers.

The research also found that high-income parents like to buy premium alcohol online. Wealthy small families have a significantly higher average checkout value and buy slightly more items than any other consumer group.

Premium tequila and mezcal were the most popular among the category driving 29% of retailer revenue. Single urbanites led category sales for premium tequila and mezcal with 34.40% share followed by wealthy small families (31.20%), single suburbanites (28.50%), large families (26.30%) and retirees (22.59%).

Research also finds that online tequila and mezcal consumers tend to purchase more premium bottles and buy multiple bottles at once. Data shows an average cart value of $80.22 and average cart size of 2.1.

“There are fantastic opportunities for pet food manufacturers to use ‘ugly’ produce… There’s no reason to pay an upcharge for the appearance of the uncut vegetable or fruit, just to cut and cook it.”
—Tony Moses, director of product innovation, F+B, CRB, on the use of “ugly” ingredients in pet food

Photo courtesy of Getty Images / fcafotodigital

Flexitarian movement growing; variety is key

According to consumer research by Innova Market Insights, the need for choice and multiple product positionings is great as there is no single definition of a plant-based customer. The category draws almost equal attention from health champions, eco-warriors and ethical shoppers. Innova says that although vegetarianism and veganism continue to attract new supporters, the flexitarian movement is growing even faster. Their research shows that 60% of global households now eat meat-free meals at least once a week, many enticed by the variety it brings to their diet.

New product development also demonstrates the segmentation of plant-based eating. “‘Plant-based’ descriptors are now being carried by many diverse products, well beyond the core meat- and dairy-alternative categories,” says Lu Ann Williams, global insights director at Innova Market Insights. “The Innova database shows particularly good growth for plant-based claims in categories such as sauces and dressings, prepared meals, spreads and snacks.”

The need for product variety and diverse positionings is also shaking up choice in ingredients. There is a growing interest in more sustainable protein crops, such as legumes and marine plants, while advanced fermentation technology allows protein production from such unlikely sources as yeast, wood and even the air itself. In the U.S., Air Protein says it has mixed CO2, oxygen and nitrogen with water and minerals to create a nutrient-rich flour with the same amino acid profile as animal protein.

Investment is also helping to advance technologies for cultured meat production, believed by many to be the future of meat supply, according to Innova. Although cultured meat can compete with plant-based products on environmental benefits, it will still fall short with health-conscious customers, they report. This is a further indication of the need for variety and choice to maximize the potential of the plant-based revolution.

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