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Following the success of the large Affinity® cheese dicer, the new Integra-D offers processors all of the advantages in a scaled-down footprint. The Integra-D provides the latest in precision cutting and a turn-key upgrade for processors with Urschel RA series machines. Contact Urschel to learn more. E-mail:, Website:
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Dual Shaft Mixer Designed for Increased Shear
The ROSS CDA-25 incorporates a high shear rotor/stator into a Dual-Shaft Mixer and is designed for advanced shearing, deagglomeration and emulsification capabilities. It features dry-running Double FlexiLip seals on agitator shafts for vacuum operation up to 29.5”Hg, and portable mixing vessel with heating/cooling jacket. Charles Ross & Son Company. 800-243-ROSS
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Lubriplate NSF H1 Registered Lubricants Have The Power To Protect!
Lubriplate NSF H1 Registered Lubricants do more than keep your machinery running at its best. They free you from the potential chemical hazard risks posed by Non-Food Grade Lubricants. In fact, using 100% Lubriplate H1 Lubricants can significantly simplify your HACCP program eliminating lubricants as a potential chemical hazard.
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Feeding your ingredients with ultimate precision
Hapman PosiPortion™ Feeders give manufacturers better ways to manage precise bulk material feeding and metering. Volumetric and gravimetric models feature extraordinary robust and durable construction, easy serviceability, and many ways to customize design and integration with processes. Hapman 269-222-7933
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The Most Hygienic Solution for Food Processing Belt Conveyors
The innovative SSV Drum Motor is designed to drive modular, wire mesh, and monolithic thermoplastic conveyor belts without the use of sprockets. It eliminates food by-product buildup areas, reducing washdown time and water usage by 50%. The Sprocketless SSV Drum Motor is the most hygienic solution for food processing conveyors.
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